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"Deanna Black is an absolutely shining soul. She changed my life before I even realized it, I take a while to come around but, each and everything she was telling me couldn't have been more true. She is such a light in my life and I couldn't ask for a more genuine and kind soul to help direct me on my path. She brings light and love to anyone's life she enters!"                                                                                                                                                     Kassidy 



"I was blown away by Deanna's reading that she gave me. It was so insightful, so detailed and honestly no one has been able to give me the information that she did and she did it with such clarity and precision. She covered everything that I wanted to know about and so much more. It was such an amazing experience. And one that I will not soon forget. She is forthright, honest, kind and so generous. She recorded it for me which I'm grateful for because I do listen to it often and I still get insights and revelations from it so thank you so much Deanna, you are an incredibly gifted intuitive psychic healer." 


"Deanna is absolutely incredible!! I always look forward to my session with her. When I first started seeing Deanna I would always book an Intuitive Reading (which I LOVE), but my new favourite treatment is Medical Intuitive. Her healing sessions provide me with a sense of clarity and purpose by answering any questions I have for the Divine. I highly recommend seeing Deanna because she is compassionate, kind, caring and gifted. Her healing abilities are undeniable and I always leave feeling peaceful and uplifted. I cannot wait for my next appointment! Thank you Deanna for all the healing and guidance, I am externally grateful for you." 

"I have experienced some profound healing and transformation in my life, after seeing Deanna for guidance. Her session illuminated areas that I felt stuck in and provided support for moving forward. I've forgiven, released, and moved into joy. I'm no longer stuck in suffering! Words cannot describe how impactful our session was."    

 "I met Deanna at the Expo at the Hyatt/Toronto....the first thing she said to me was that I would be having surgery and need to prioritize health and wellness. During my accurate and helpful reading, she also gave me advice with regards to centering myself, and highlighted tools and methods I should be using/doing. Seven days later - I had a multi hour, major surgery which I absolutely did not see coming. She is a genuine and gifted reader who was kind enough to keep in touch with me after my surgery  ( I reached out) - and provide me with spiritual and emotional support. I highly recommend seeing her. She is a beautiful soul with a very special gift!" 

"I had a reading from Deanna at a time I needed it most. I felt such a weight of stress and worry leave during our session. Deanna is professional yet very personable. I felt no discomfort from her reading at all. She blew me away with some of the connections she made or told me. 10/10 from this girl! 
Deanna is such a beautiful person. I plan on connecting with her a lot in the future. Thank you so much Deanna!" 
                                                                                                     Deanna Premo


 "Deanna blends her natural intuitive ability with well developed skills and a positive, friendly approach in every session. She is highly empathic and spiritually led. I feel nourished and supported by her helpful insights."
                                                                                          Elisa//Brooklyn, NY

"I am very grateful for meeting Deanna Black into my life path. She was able to help me see clearly and make me understand the fire that is residing into me. With her great sense of living, she gave me a lot of wonderful spiritual tools that not only fix my knee injury but also help me grow as a Human into my spiritual path. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for being this amazing person, you inspired me a lot thank you." 
                                                                                                            Infinite love

"I reached out to Deanna to help with my 4yr old. She was waking up, crying in the middle of the night. My daughter was very comfortable with her right away and looked forward to seeing her again soon. After a few sessions of Hypnosis, her sleep has improved tremendously, she hasn't woken up crying since. I've also had readings with Deanna and she has given me such hope, guidance and peace. She is truly gifted and special." 
                                                                                                 Laura Karakostas 

"Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and professional. After my first appointment with her for Reflexology I walked away with no back pain nor TMJ jaw pain after I was in pain for so long. It was unreal. I'll never forget how I felt after that. It was like a miracle! She taught me techniques on how to relieve the pain from my jaw on my own. My Dad had been in bad shape from Rheumatoid Arthritis and so I booked an appointment for Deanna to come for Reflexology for him and not only did she help relieve pain from his body through the Reflexology, but she suggested nutrition information and lifestyle choices to enhance his life. She explains everything she does and gives intuitive advice. She has a caring heart and it shows. She truly lives her life to help others. Thank you so much Deanna! You've helped us immensely!!"

"Amazing experience with Deanna! Not only is she a kind, warm hearted individual but being around her automatically puts me in a good mood - every time I have a Reading I leave feeling refreshed and my energy is always positive. I could listen to her talk all day!! 
She has been very accurate with my Readings, always leaving me in disbelief. Wondering how did she know that! She doesn't judge people for their past, future or present situation and she is very understanding. Love her and have already recommended her to friends and family. And I will continue to see her!"

"If you're here reading this because you're on the fence, not sure if you should see her or not. Just do it! Deanna is amazing!!She is so kind and has such a wonderful energy. She was straight to the point and so spot on. I mean insanely spot on. I've had other readings done in the past that were quite good, but Deanna went beyond that! My friends and I had a group reading done and it was a really beautiful experience. I feel like it brought me closer to my friends again as I have been kind of hiding in my own little corner drawn away from everyone. This experience has resurfaced the me that was hiding and I feel a little lighter than I did. I've certainly got my work cut out but, I can see a path now where it was dark before. I highly recommend Deanna! And Deanna, thank you again for everything, I hope to meet you again someday soon!"                                                                                                             Elizabeth Toshack    

"When I fist met Deanna it was in the middle of summer 2019. During that time I was going through many difficulties and was looking for change in my life. At the time I was looking to change job, learning how to drive and also had many uncertainties, and with everything that I had been through, I had fear of making the wrong decisions. When we first met she read my aura and gave me the tools I was missing and sure enough, I got the job, my license and even a brand new car!!! With what she had advised me to do, I began. We started with the Past Life Regression and that's where I think I grew and everything in my life started to change. My mindset was no longer poor me, she reminded me of the strength that I had forgotten about,. Every time I get into some kind of discord into my life, I do what she taught me. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical because I was like is this lady foreal, she doesn't know me but yet she knows me and she's steering into the direction I need to be in, it's like God meant for me to meet her. Because it was everything that I kept asking for. She's someone I am so grateful to have in my life. Because of Deanna's assistance, my life has done a complete 360 and it's not over because the changes continue and everyday I learn something new about myself. The amount of gratitude I have for her words cannot describe, she healed wounds I would never speak of and she healed me, and with her guidance I can now offer help to others. Deanna thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family!!! May God continue to use you as his vessel, may your words heal those that are in need."
                                                                               Love and Light xoxoxo

"Deanna is a fantastic human being. She has helped me so much with her healing and reading abilities. I feel so blessed to have met her. She has provided so much guidance and information to help me unlock and heal all the traumas and repressed feelings to prepare me for the next chapter of my life. Her wisdom, empowerment, knowledge, and compassion have guided me and helped to initiate this inner transformation I have been postponing for so long. She became more than a healer, a friend, and a true mentor. I highly recommend Deanna and am so grateful for her work. 
                                                                                            Mayara Varanda 

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